About us

about us

Amvile Services Company is an indigenous Company involved in the business of general contracting and supply, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical works, Transportation services, import and exports of general goods and services, man power supply, trading of all kinds of goods and services, Oil field services, Personnel Training Competence and communication services as her main stay.
Amvile Services Company management system works in accordance to ISO 9000 / 14001 standards. These systems allow us to address problem and advice clients accordingly. This in turn has often led us from Non-performance pitfalls
Our projects site is as a matter of policy being managed by qualified management, we adhere closely to government regulations.

  • Professional Specialist
  • Brilliant Ideas
  • Precise Builders
  • 24/7 Assiatance

our mission

Our main preoccupation at Amvile today is development of new and more effective ways to partner with your organization to eliminate client’s stress that accompanies work processes, while positively impacting your bottom-line. This goal is achieved through our unique Business model that is geared towards adding significant value to the overall performance of your organization-driving high performance through operational servicing processes.

our vision

To be the best choice in the oil and gas sector delivering next-generation benefits to our clients; pairing business outcomes with cost savings to drive high performance and derive real value from “people”.

We understand requirements

We work precisely

We deliver best output

We provide the best service in industry

we are our customer's strategic partner in eliminating Non-Productive Time (NPT) u